When you give a cat a bed …

When you give a cat a bed, the cat will ignore the bed.  Always.

When I first adopted my kittens, I went out and bought two cat beds from a pet store figuring they would each use one bed.  I have had them for two months now and I have only seen them in the beds twice: once on the afternoon that they came home with me and then later that night.DSC_0360

So where do they sleep?  Usually not these beds.  Most of the time they either sleep on my bed or cuddle up in their cat tree.


But I have an idea for something new to try.  I finished some clementines the other day and decided to give the box to the cats.  Then this happened:


I think I’m going to put a blanket in the box and see it keeps getting used as a bed.  I hope so!  But these are cats I’m talking about, and it is very likely that they will lose all interest in the box as soon as I start calling it a bed.