My (new) Drivers License Game

When I updated my drivers license after my name change last month, I was initially annoyed that the State of Michigan did not let me update my gender marker as well.  I have been carded a few times in the last month, and from what I can tell nobody actually notices what gender your drivers license says you are.  I’ve decided to turn this into a game – how long will it take until somebody comments on this “mistake”?  I’m guessing that if I keep being confident then nobody will notice for a long time.

So far, I have had to show my license twice.  Both times, the person looked at the year I was born and then addressed me with female pronouns.  One of the people even made a comment about how I was born in 1988 and didn’t have my ears pierced yet!

I have a few flights at the end of February.  I wonder if TSA agents look at these details?