New Project: Gossip Stone

I’ve spent the last several years using NetworkManager on my laptop, mostly because I needed an easy way to connect to my work’s VPN.  This worked fine at home, but for whatever reason NetworkManager, Workantile’s wireless hardware, and my laptop do not get along.  I put up with this problem for well over a year before finally deciding to switch back to using WICD to manage my network connections and find something else to manage VPN.

I tried a handful of different VPN managers, but I wasn’t super impressed with anything I saw.  So I made a list of features that I wanted and got to coding!  Gossip Stone is the result – it provides a gossip-stone-1.0straightforward right-click menu to connect to different VPN profiles (defined in /etc/vpnc/).  For now users need to write vpnc scripts by hand, but I would eventually like to add in a connection editor so config files don’t need to be modified by hand.

Let me know if you try it out!