IT Department Woes

Certain on-line tools at work will greet me with a friendly “Welcome, Bryan” when I log in.  This has bothered me for a while, but updating my name in the system would involve talking to our IT department.

I do not like talking to Corporate IT.

I have filed support tickets in the past, and I always end up feeling like there has been a miscommunication before the problem is finally resolved.  They’ll sometimes call my phone, but I never feel like this helps anything.  Instead, I start getting embarrassed that I need to keep asking the person on the other end to slow down and repeat what they just said.

So I’ve put off talking to corporate IT for a while, but being called “Bryan” against my will finally started bothering me.  I took a deep breath and filed a support ticket:

When I try to use this tool, it displays “Welcome, Bryan” instead of “Welcome, Anna.”  Can you please update my name?

I thought this was a simple enough request, and I received a reply later that afternoon:

The services that you have requested fall under the Engineering Support Group.  We have submitted a request on your behalf to have this group contact you.  Since the reported issue does not fall under Corp IT scope, we are going to cancel the Corp IT ticket.

Apparently we have two different IT departments?  Well, at least Corporate IT was nice enough to send my request to the right place!  Engineering IT took a look and replied with their solution to my request:

Sorry, but this appears to be Single-Sign-On related.  This is a Corporate IT issue, but I will submit the ticket on your behalf.

Okay … now it’s past 5 and I’m right back where I started, so I decided to call it a day and go home.  Corporate IT had replied by the next morning.  Maybe they were able to change my name in the SSO system?

Hi Anna, please use this link to change your password: <link>.  Thanks & Regards.

But … that’s not what I asked for at all!  I replied to I explain that I wanted to update my name in the SSO system.  This time they finally understood what I was asking for, and a day later I received an email asking me to verify if my name had updated properly.  Everything looks correct now, but I still wish it hadn’t taken three days to make a simple change.