Anna’s Hawaiian Vacation: Conclusion

As I publish this, we’re sitting in the Maui airport waiting for our flight home.  This was a fairly eventful trip!  We went ziplining, snorkeling, attended a luau, watched the sunset from a volcano, and even toured a pineapple plantation.  We also went to a different beach every day.  But there was still plenty that we didn’t have time for, like the popular Road to Hana highway.

One thing that I noticed early on is that the roosters started crowing around 5am every morning.  I ended up getting out of bed shortly after, but it meant I was going to sleep at 9pm every night to make up for it.  Keep this in mind if you ever decide to visit Maui.

The most difficult part of this trip is going home, and not just because we’re leaving a tropical island paradise. I somehow misbooked my flight home for yesterday instead of today.  It would have left while we were at the pineapple tour, but I didn’t realize my mistake until last night when I tried checking in.  I managed to get a seat on the flights I intended, but last-minute airline tickets cost a lot of money!  I guess I should just be relieved  that I get to go home.

I hope you all have enjoyed reading my daily vacation blog entries. They were a lot of fun to put together, and it was sometimes difficult to choose the best photos from throughout the day. I especially hope that me a few months from now finds these posts useful, once all the details of this trip start blurring together.




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