Anna’s Hawaiian Vacation: Day 7

We started today with a tour of the Maui Gold Pineapple plantation.  We got to see pineapples at varying stages of development, including fields that had just been planted a few months ago.  Fairly early into the tour we stopped for a pineapple sampling, and our tour guide used his machete to pick, peel, and cut up pineapples for all of us to try.  They were much better than the pineapples you can get in the store, and everybody on the tour got a free pineapple to take home.

After lunch we looked around the Makai Glass glass blowing studio.  An artist there had just started making a glass humpback whale, so we watched him work for a few minutes.

The distillery tour was next.  We saw a small facility where Maui Gold pineapples get turned into various rums, vodkas, and other spirits and shipped to a few places back on the mainland.  There was a tasting session at the end, where I tried several of their products.  The pineapple orange guava flavored vodka was my favorite!

We finished off the day by snorkeling and swimming at Polo  Beach, right next to the hotel where our luau was Monday night.

Here are pictures from throughout the day:



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