Anna and Becky in Hawaii: Days 3 and 4

We spent the last couple of mornings snorkeling at Kapalua Beach.  We saw a bunch of fish swimming in the rocks, and a sea turtle even surfaced a few feet away from us!  I wish I had an underwater camera to get pictures of everything.

Monday night we attended the Royal Lahaina Luau, where we ate some pretty good food and heard a few stories from the Myths of Maui.  My dad even volunteered to go up to the stage for a basic hula lesson!

Tuesday was our zipline day, and we spent the afternoon zipping through the trees at Northshore Zipline.  We stopped for dinner in Makawao and took an hour to explore the town before driving up to the Haleakala summit to watch the sunset.  It was a busy day, but lots of fun!



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