New Hosting!

For the last few months OcarinaProject.Net had been hosted on a Rackspace virtual machine.  It was cheap, and worked well at first.  Unfortunately, I kept adding different services: wordpress, git, my webcomic fetcher, bugzilla… My basic server quickly ran out of memory to run everything!

I decided to search out different hosting options and settled on Linode, which gives me more memory AND automatic backups for less than what I was paying to Rackspace.  I spent the evening switching everything over, but it’s possible I missed something.  Please let me know if it looks like I missed something!

Ocarina 6.1

Another month, another Ocarina release.  And we didn’t have to wait a whole year this time!  My main focus for this release was finishing the backend code cleanups that I started before releasing 6.0.  I’m much happier with how the code looks and I now have unit tests for every file in core/.

This release removes support for importing an Ocarina 5 library.

Download Ocarina 6.1 here!