Anna and Becky in Hawaii: Day 8

Yesterday was our last full day in Maui, and we used it as a beach day. We started by driving into Kihei, the area we stayed at in 2016, and snorkel at Kamaole Beach Park III. We hit up a couple of other beaches in the area before returning no our room and making a feast out of our remaining food.

We’re sitting in the airport now waiting for our flight home, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we came back again someday. There is just so much to do here!

Anna and Becky in Hawaii: Days 6 and 7

Yesterday was our big snorkeling trip on the Quicksilver! They took us to Lanai island, but slowed down partway there so we could see a pod of dolphins that we came across.  My parents took a snuba class once we arrived, while Kevin, Becky, and I snorkeled around the bay.  We were back on the mainland by 1, but we took the rest of the afternoon to relax after getting up so early.

Today was mostly a beach day.  We did some more snorkeling on our own, and then went back into Lahaina later in the afternoon.  We ended up eating dinner at Fleetwood’s on Front Street, but sadly Mick Fleetwood wasn’t around to perform for us.  Still, the food was pretty good.

Here are some photos from the last couple of days, some of which were taken by the photographer on the Quicksilver.

Anna and Becky in Hawaii: Day 5

It must have rained last night, because we woke up to a rainbow this morning!

Once we all got ready, we drove into Paia for a food tour.  We got to try samples from all over the town, including smoothies, a zesty breakfast burrito, and even fresh fruit in a local grocery store.  It was tasty!

Afterwards, we drove part of the Road to Hana looking for the bamboo forests and Twin Falls.  We never really found the forest, but we did hike the Waikamoi Nature Trail that we found instead.  Afterwards, we continued on to the waterfalls and saw some bamboo groves there.

We then returned to Paia for some more sightseeing before going back to our room.

Anna and Becky in Hawaii: Days 3 and 4

We spent the last couple of mornings snorkeling at Kapalua Beach.  We saw a bunch of fish swimming in the rocks, and a sea turtle even surfaced a few feet away from us!  I wish I had an underwater camera to get pictures of everything.

Monday night we attended the Royal Lahaina Luau, where we ate some pretty good food and heard a few stories from the Myths of Maui.  My dad even volunteered to go up to the stage for a basic hula lesson!

Tuesday was our zipline day, and we spent the afternoon zipping through the trees at Northshore Zipline.  We stopped for dinner in Makawao and took an hour to explore the town before driving up to the Haleakala summit to watch the sunset.  It was a busy day, but lots of fun!

Anna and Becky in Hawaii: Day 2

We drove into Lahaina yesterday, and spent most of the morning and afternoon exploring the town. They have a bunch of neat shops in the main downtown area, but we also got to see the Jodo Mission and the Banyan Tree on opposite ends of the town.

We ended the afternoon with swimming at Hanakao’o Park.

Anna and Becky in Hawaii: Day 1

Yesterday, May 19,  was our first full day on Maui!  We took a few hours in the morning to settle in, and then spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the beach and exploring our side of the island!

We spent a few hours swimming around on Fleming Beach before moving on to see what else was in the area.  We met some chickens, took in the scenery, and even stopped for smoothies.  Here are some pictures from throughout the day: