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Let’s Blame Satan!

Disclaimer:  I am an Atheist with Wikipedia, I could say anything!  No promises on getting all of the details right, either.

Apparently some people think that LGBT (well, possibly just LGB) people are caused by Satan.  Does anybody else think that these people are blaming the wrong mythological deity here?

First, a bit about Satan.  I figure I’ll talk about Old Testament Satan, since sequels are never as good as the original.  Satan is subservient to God, and his main role is to test people as a method of proving their faith.  So wouldn’t the works of Satan also be the will of God?

I feel a better deity to blame would be Pan, the Greek god of nature and sexuality.  Creating both straight AND LGB people would fall under Pan’s domain.  Now, I can see where people could get confused here.  The modern depiction of Satan takes the form of a Satyr, but this originated in the 1800s due to Pan’s popularity.  Christians merely adopted the half-man, half-goat image of Satan as a way to scare people into converting.

Of course, there are problems with trying to place the blame on either deity.  Both Pan and Satan are characters out of mythology, so they don’t actually exist.  Instead, they provide people with a convenient scapegoat (pun intended) that could be used to discriminate against those who are different.  Fortunately religion is on the decline, so with any luck these “arguments” will disappear in the near future.