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  • Anna in Italy: Day 4

    Anna in Italy: Day 4

    Today we drove into Arezzo, the capital city of the Arezzo province in Tuscany.  This town was built in the mountains by the Etruscan civilization around the 6th century BCE.  It was conquered by the Romans around 311 BCE, and became a home for retired Roman soldiers. Our first stop was at the Arezzo Archaeological…

  • Anna in Italy: Days 2 and 3

    Anna in Italy: Days 2 and 3

    Most places are closed in Italy on Sundays, so yesterday was mostly a rest day.  We took some time to explore our resort, find the nearest train station, and wander around the closest town. Today we took a guided tour to Cortona and Assisi. Cortona is towards the top of a mountain, and was where…

  • Anna in Italy: Day 1

    Anna in Italy: Day 1

    I arrived in Italy mid-afternoon on May 26th with my parents, but we were too tired to do much besides walk around a bit and find pizza.  Yesterday was our first full day in the country, and we took a Segway tour of Florence to give us a chance to see as much of the…