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Anna and Becky in Hawaii: Day 5

It must have rained last night, because we woke up to a rainbow this morning!

Once we all got ready, we drove into Paia for a food tour.  We got to try samples from all over the town, including smoothies, a zesty breakfast burrito, and even fresh fruit in a local grocery store.  It was tasty!

Afterwards, we drove part of the Road to Hana looking for the bamboo forests and Twin Falls.  We never really found the forest, but we did hike the Waikamoi Nature Trail that we found instead.  Afterwards, we continued on to the waterfalls and saw some bamboo groves there.

We then returned to Paia for some more sightseeing before going back to our room.

Anna’s Hawaiian Vacation: Day 1

I’m in Hawaii this week for a family vacation!  We flew in late last night, and checked into a hotel near the airport to get some sleep.  Today we moved on to the timeshare unit we’re staying in for the rest of the week.

We had a bit of time to wander around the hotel grounds this morning before checking out and driving to Paia to pick up my brother. Then we went up into the mountains for zip-lining shortly after lunch!

Here are some pictures from throughout the day: