Vegetable Challenge

Every now and then I like to come up with little challenges for myself to try to break some bad habit.

Almost two years ago I decided to see how long I could go without eating a hamburger.  When I looked at a menu, I would always flip right to the burger section and order something from there.  Always.  This finally changed when I was on vacation one week.  I challenged myself to go the entire week without ordering a hamburger to force myself into trying other foods that various restaurants offered.   By the end of the week I had tried several new dishes and I didn’t eating a single burger.  I decided to keep the challenge going, just how long could I go without eating a hamburger?  One year and nine months later I still haven’t eaten one, and there is really no “challenge” left.

That must mean it’s time to increase the difficulty!

I always make some vegetables for myself when I cook at home, but when I eat at a restaurant I almost never order a side of vegetables.  Sandwiches usually come with a side of fries, and while fries are delicious they also aren’t the most healthy thing a person could eat.  Which brings me to my new challenge: whenever I eat at a restaurant I will order some vegetable either for or with my meal beginning … now.  I wonder how long I can keep this going?






One response to “Vegetable Challenge”

  1. Michele Schumaker Avatar

    I endorse your challenge!